collar style guide

Side Release Buckle Collar

These are traditionally called

"quick release" or "side release" buckle collars.
They are created with a heavy-duty plastic buckle,
d-ring for attaching your pups tags,
and a metal slider for easy size adjustments.

Martingale Collar

Also known as a "soft choke" collar, martingales are great for dogs that frequently slip out or back out of their collar. They are created with 2 separate loops. The smaller loop (shown in blue in the diagram on the right) tightens up when your dog pulls to prevent them from getting loose. When the collar is adjusted properly, this feature keeps your pup safe!
They are created with a heavy metal d-ring on the smaller loop to attach the leash to when walking, a metal slider for easy size adjustments, and 2 heavy rectangular rings for the small loop to easily slide through. We also include an additional rectangular ring on the side, near the front,
to hang your pups tags from.
Our Martingales are also offered with a buckle attachment for easy removal.


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